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»Wireless Networking:

»Installation and customization of Wireless Networks. For more information please visit our affiliate Curley Communications' Website
»Network Security:
»Network security audit, we'll audit your network, and find any possible security flaws.
»Implementation of firewalls.
»Implementation of security monitoring/scanning tools.
»Network Setup:
»Windows Internet Gateways installation and customization.
»Linux/UNIX Internet Gateways installation and customization.
»Internet servers installation and customization for website hosting services (UNIX, Linux, and Windows).
»Configuration of network devices such like hardware firewalls, proxy servers, routers, switches, and others.
»Network Optimization:
»Reduction of costs on the internal network's setup.
»Optimization of the network setup to increase availability and eficiency of your network.
»Network Migration:
»Migration of Windows Internet Gateways to Linux/UNIX Internet Gateways
»Migration of Linux/UNIX Internet Gateways to Windows Internet Gateways


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Networking Services

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